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Harmonie 2010
Bottle $75.00

Harmonie 2010  Truly Something Special

Harmonie 2010 100 percent purely spectacular Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the last vintage of cabernet from the Wilkening Vineyard. Our fourth Black label Harmonie commemorating this achievement in Santa Barbara County winemaking. You won't want to miss this one. For those of you who have enjoyed the textures of our Harmonie over the past 15 years, this one is very, very special and one you should not miss. This $75 price is temporary, it's worth much more.

Chardonnay "Black Cap Reserve" Blackjack Ranch Vineyard 2012
Bottle $48.00

Chardonnay "Black Cap Reserve" Blackjack Ranch Vineyard 2012 Proprietor's Special Selection Reserve

Chardonnay Dijon Clone 76 from the vineyard block directly in front of our tasting room. If you feel you deserve the very best in Chardonnay, this is it. Steel backbone, Lemon Creme Brulee in its liquid form !!!

Black Pearl Maximus Syrah 2010
Bottle $65.00

Black Pearl Maximus Syrah 2010 Deluxe High End Juice

Black Pearl Maximus Syrah 2010 Another big time success from the Watch Hill Vineyard. Following the renowned 2007 Black Pearl, the fruit for this Super Reserve now comes from clone 174 syrah grown on 5C rootstock in rows 74-84 of block 1D of the gorgeous Watch Hill property off Alisos Canyon road north of Los Olivos. Impressive concentration, black currant, licorice, velvety texture.

Harmonie 2007 (Bordeaux-Blend)
Bottle $75.00

Harmonie 2007 (Bordeaux-Blend) Our Third "Black Label" Harmonie

Harmonie 2007 (Bordeaux-Blend) Our first 100 percent Estate Grown Harmonie. A blend of 61% 61% Estate Suicide Hill Cabenet Franc and 39% Estate Billy Goat Hill Merlot this is the Pomerol-St. Emilion style blend we set out to produce when we designed and planted Blackjack Ranch in 1996. We chose the specific location for the hillside Merlot and the hillside clay Cab Franc aiming for this wine. Reminiscent of a young Ausone beast this is one of very few of our wines which require patience. No matter how young any wine may be, I always enjoy opening one, revisiting it on the second and perhaps third night and getting a glimpse into its eventual aging evolution. This is fruit purity as clean as I have been able to offer you. Chateau Lafleur is my favorite Bordeaux chateau having produced six or eight of the greatest wines of the past century and while growing this fruit, nururing the wine, and assembling the blend my role model for the 2007 Harmonie all along the way.

Maximus 2009
Bottle $48.00

Maximus 2009 

Maximus 2009 A great rendition of one of our most famous wines and although time has passed since Miles and Jack tasted our Maximus 2001 in Sideways, this is the same wine.

Allusion 2009
Bottle $30.00

Allusion 2009 A very special treat

Allusion 2009 A saturated purple color is followed by an extraordinary bouquet of espresso, black fruits, cocoa, dried Provencal herbs and vanilla. An explosive attack, admirable vibrance, and very impressive concentration. This is everything you would expect from a vintage with the reputation of 2009. A blend of our Estate Grown Suicide Hill Cabernet Franc, Billy Goat Hill Merlot and Wilkening Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. This is simply delicious and an extra special value at this price.

Allusion 2007
Bottle $30.00

Allusion 2007 

Allusion 2007 A spectacular wine for this price range. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Pinot Noir Burning Creek Vineyard 2010 Special Reserve
Bottle $65.00

Pinot Noir Burning Creek Vineyard 2010 Special Reserve 93 Points! Wine Enthusiast Dec 2014 Issue

Pinot Noir Burning Creek Vineyard 2010 Special Reserve The bouquet serves notice this is a Giant of a wine. Dense dark plum and cherry. Gobs and gobs of spectacular concentrated deep dark black currant Pinot fruit here. A profound, huge wine for the ages. Not a wine for wimps. Reminiscent of Burgundy from a huge vintage but with California fruit. I repeat, it's a monster but if you like monsters or have patience, this is a must try wine.

Chardonnay Reserve Blackjack Ranch Vineyard 2013
Bottle $35.00

Chardonnay Reserve Blackjack Ranch Vineyard 2013 

Chardonnay Reserve Blackjack Ranch Vineyard 2013 A gorgeous version of this fourteenth vintage from our vineyard block between Alamo Pintado Road and our Winery.

Chardonnay Blackjack Ranch Vineyard Reserve 2010
Bottle $35.00

Chardonnay Blackjack Ranch Vineyard Reserve 2010 

Chardonnay Blackjack Ranch Vineyard Reserve 2010 This is from the greatest chardonnay vintage we have had yet. Butter and oak are cliches with chard, but in this case they are incorporated into the wine in a uniquely marvelous well balanced harmony. Now it has evolved into velvet chardonnay if there is such a thing. I guarantee you will be glad you at least ordered a sample bottle of this wine. In all likelihood you will want to re-order it. As always, this is our best pairing with food, cheese, etc.

Chardonnay "21" 2011 ($199/case)
Bottle $21.00

Chardonnay "21" 2011 ($199/case) Case Special....$199

A delicious blend of selected Chardonnay. For ten years now, this wine has been one of the greatest values in it price class. And this vintage is no exception. Always a combination of the very best features that make this varietal the most popular white wine in the world. For weddings, parties, promotions, etc., this is your white. By ordering multiples of 12, we guarantee you will get the $199 case special price.

Chardonnay Wilkening Vineyard Reserve 2009
Bottle $28.00

Chardonnay Wilkening Vineyard Reserve 2009 Close out (Final Vintage) $249/case

Chardonnay Wilkening Vineyard Reserve 2009 The 2009 Wilkening Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay from Laura Wilkening's hillside vineyard overlooking Ballard Canyon Road sadly brings our thirteenth year of producing this wine to an end. The property was sold in early 2010 due to Laura's pending 100th birthday. As always, the dominant features are honeysucle, pineapple, and tropical fruit. Well structured and complex, enjoy it over the next 5-6 years plus.

Harmonie 2006 (Bordeaux-Blend)
Bottle $199.00

Harmonie 2006 (Bordeaux-Blend) THREE LITER DOUBLE MAGNUM

Harmonie 2006 (Bordeaux-Blend) This is a terrific version of our flagship wine, Harmonie. Three liter double magnums are the equivalent of 4 bottles in one. A perfect gift. Very few of these now remain in our cellar. As can be seen on this site, the Harmonie 2006 sells for $60 per bottles. Four bottles sell for $240 making this a bargain at the price of $40 less than its four bottle equivalent. On top of that, this is top quality French glass and this attractive package makes a beautiful accent piece in your wine cellar.

Chardonnay “Black Cap Reserve” 2009
Bottle $48.00

Chardonnay “Black Cap Reserve” 2009 Dijon (in Burgundy) Clone 76 Chardonnay

Chardonnay “Black Cap Reserve” 2009 Poured at a Flemings/Blackjack Ranch wine dinner in Rancho Cucagmonga. Mind blowing concentration. I kept my glass with me the entire evening. And refilled it when the fifth course, European cheeses arrived. It was a perfect match. In association with our veteran winemaker Chris Stanton this may be the single greatest chardonnay we have ever produced. This comes from the very, very special block immediately in front of the winery/tasting room. Clone 76 (Dijon) fruit offers unbelievable concentration and complexity. Very "White Burgundian", with layers of exotic varetal purity, smoke vanillin. Accessible now. Note: We have not produced a "Black Cap Reserve" in 2010 or 2011. When this runs out, our cellars will be empty until we declare another vintage for this, our best white.

Double-Down Syrah 2007
Bottle $26.00

Double-Down Syrah 2007 Richly Concentrated Black Fruit

Double-Down Syrah 2007 Still a well kept secret, the 2007 Double Down Syrah is by far the best vintage to date for our most affordable popular red. A special gift for a loved one or simply for yourself. It's a monumental wine in this price range and I guarantee you won't be sorry. I don't know how to make it any clearer that this is something special and you should at least order a bottle to sample.

Chardonnay "21" 2010
Bottle $21.00

Chardonnay "21" 2010 Ridiculously Good

Chardonnay Truly a spectacular chardonnay and one of the best we've ever produced. The twenty three rows between the winery and our horizontal Live Oak were planted in 1996 with Dijon Clone 76 with the hope of one day producing a wine of this majesty. The vines are nurtured growing in 8 by 5 spacing and these plants are treated like family. One of the secrets here is we chose 420A rootstock which constricts the yield thereby concentrating the fruit intesity. Steely minerality with white Burgundy nuances. It's every bit that good.

Double-Down Syrah 2010
Bottle $26.00

Double-Down Syrah 2010 An Estate Wine

Double-Down Syrah 2010 A spectacular syrah from Blackjack Ranch Vineyard. Gobs of red and black fruit combine to make this a deep, intriguing wine. Tastefully and subltely oaked, cedar, black currants and spice. Exuberance with plenty of depth, richness, and subtle complexity make this wine a "best buy". Putting on weight in the bottle and taking on an elegantly pretty velvety texture. This wine has at least a 10 year life ahead of it.

Harmonie 2006 ("Bordeaux-Blend")
Bottle $60.00

Harmonie 2006 ("Bordeaux-Blend") Another Gem

Harmonie 2006 ( Our tenth vintage of our Signature wine. Eighty four percent cabernet sauvignon, eight percent cab franc, eight percent merlot. Blue and red fruit dominate, beautiful oak, twenty years of life ahead. Also available in 3 liter Double Magnums bottled in French glass.

Double-Down Syrah 2009
Bottle $26.00

Double-Down Syrah 2009 New Release !!!

Double-Down Syrah 2009 Our most popular wine. Preceded by 90+ Robert Parker scores, this crowd pleaser features purplish black color. Rhone like. Incredibly ripe, rich, and bright fruit. Collaboration of blackberries, blueberries, crème de cassis, and violets. Generous wine, juicy, smoky, earthy, jubilant and just plain fun. A hedonistic turn-on at a reasonable price. Beautifully integrated Remond French Oak. We think this may be one of the most concentrated and rich versions of this popular wine so far.

Chardonnay "21" 2009 ($199 case)
Bottle $21.00

Chardonnay "21" 2009 ($199 case) Case Special-$199 for a limited time

Chardonnay Tangerine, wet rocks, honeysuckle, white flowers, great acidity. Well structured, a blend of three different clones of chardonnay. Yet another great rendition of one of our most popular wines. Full of fruit, beautifully balanced, and structure to last.

Harmonie 2001 (Case Special - $499)
Bottle $75.00

Harmonie 2001 (Case Special - $499) (Bordeaux-Blend)

Robert Parker 91+ Points

Harmonie 2001 (Case Special - $499) Spectaular. You owe it to yourself to buy this wine!! Now with 9 years bottle age it is truly a fabulous wine drinking experience. A Proprietor's favorite, I score it 95 points. One of my three favorite vintages of Harmonie, ranking right up there with the best we have grown. Now with 11 years total age taking on exotic nuances I only imagined when it was young. 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Cab Franc, 4% Merlot, 2% Malbec, 2% Petit Verdot. This is truly great stuff. The fruit was grown under perfect conditions. Parker: “Dense color with a complex bouquet of graphite, coffee, black currants, bay leaves, and subtle vanilla. Firm, tannic, and backward, but beautifully rich well-delineated, and structured. This is a wine to put away for 2-3 years and consume over the following 10-15 years.” Dark and complex with extremely ripe black cherry fruit, plush, and harmoniously pure. I consistently score it 95 for its depth and focus. I am going to withdraw this wine soon and retain the remainder for library use only so don't delay if this is one of your favorites. If you haven't tried it, please do.

Harmonie 2009 (Bordeaux-Blend)
Bottle $60.00

Harmonie 2009 (Bordeaux-Blend) 

Robert Parker 92+ Points

Harmonie 2009 (Bordeaux-Blend) One of our best values for those who can afford the best. This wine is 85 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The formula for success was low yields. We limited our vines to 1.5 tons per acre early in the growing season in an attempt to capture the old-vine intensity. This strategy paid off handsomely when we harvested 100% fully ripe fruit. “A saturated dense dark color with sweet notes of crème de cassis intermixed with subtle smoke, graphite, licorice, lavender and mint. While deep, full-bodied, ripe and loaded, its high tannin level and structured style dictate cellaring this vintage for a minimum of 2-3 years. It should last for two decades.”

Pinot Noir 2011 Santa Rita Hills
Bottle $55.00

Pinot Noir 2011 Santa Rita Hills  Burning Creek Vineyard

Pinot Noir 2011 Santa Rita Hills Located on the south side of Santa Rosa Road upslope from Lafond Vineyard. Gorgeous now for immediate enjoyment. Highly Recommended !! From the now universally acclaimed California pinot vintage of 2011, this wine is representative of the year's greatness. Big, bold, deep, rich delicious red and black fruit.

Harmonie 2003 (A Bordeaux-Blend)
Bottle $100.00

Harmonie 2003 (A Bordeaux-Blend) A "Hall of Fame" Wine

Robert Parker 93-95+ Points

Harmonie 2003 (A Bordeaux-Blend) The world's number one auctioneer (in his field) and the president of his firm were coming to Blackjack Ranch to join us for dinner recently. I wanted to be sure they had a memorable evening. In coordinating our dinner plans, the two gentlemen mentioned in passing that they had recently purchased a Screaming Eagle 2002 (Napa, $1200 to $1500 per bottle) and were looking forward to tasting this wine for the first time to see if the wine lived up to the hype, ratings and price tag. I decided to give them a preview of their treasure and treat them to their fantasy wine but from the more highly regarded 2001 vintage. Dinner at Mattei's was fantastic as always and Jeff Nichols prepared a grazing menu that wowed all of us. My guests agreed to taste three red wines blind with our series of dishes. All three were bagged with capsules removed and labeled A, B, and C as were the corresponding glasses. After initial tasting, my guests were told one of the three wines we were drinking was a Screaming Eagle. Their eyes lit up but no one correctly identifed the Screaming Eagle, or was able to pinpoint the appellation of origin of any of the three wines. You probably know where I am headed with this, wines A and C tied for first place with B finishing third. A was my Harmonie 1997 (Robert Parker, 93 points, sold out since 2000). B was the Screaming Eagle 2001 (Robert Parker, 99 points, $1200 to $1500 or more, per bottle). C was my Harmonie 2003, the wine offered here. This tasting once again exposed the subjectivity of scoring by the critics. With friends visiting from Orange County ten days later, the opportunity arose to continue the comparisons. The 100 point Lafite-Rothschild 2003 (now $750 to $900 per bottle) was next on the agenda. On a different night, with different bottles, the results were the same. Every single one of us agreed the 2003 Harmonie was the better wine. It is simply more concentrated, more complex and a more rewarding wine to drink. It would be foolish of me to post the above on my website if it wasn't completely true and if I wasn't challenging you to conduct similar tasting experiments. If you ask yourself why I chose to compare the 1997 and 2003 Harmonie to the 2001 Screaming Eagle rather than the 2001 Harmonie (one of my favorite babies), it is because in 2001 I chose to indulge my own fascination with American Oak and the wine is identifiable by nose. I figured by "surrounding" the vintage of Screaming Eagle, the "average" age would make for a level playing field. In the comparison of 2003 Lafite versus the 2003 Harmonie the oak regiment was equal. After seven patient years on the waiting list, I was finally allowed to purchase Taransaud French oak for the 03 harvest, and Taransaud is my first choice for making great Bordeaux blend elixir. Lafite has been buying their first choice of French oak for a century or two, so in my opinion, the ground rules were fair. After all, the Lafite is known for its finesse and breeding and generally shows well relatively young. To carry this absurdity to yet another level, I suggest comparing the Harmonie 2003 to my single favorite Bordeaux, Chateau Lafleur. Don't be shy, pour the Harmonie 2003 together with the Lafleur 2000 (Robert Parker 100, Lafleur's highest rated wine of the last 25 years). Auction goers currently seem delighted at the opportunity to purchase this wine in the $15,000-$20,000 per case range. Go ahead and enjoy these two wines side by side. The ultimate equalizer in the wine world is cost. If cost were no object, we'd all drink Cheval Blanc 1947 on a daily basis with a little 1990 Romanee-Conti and/or LaTache thrown in from time to time for variety. Rather than actually play the SuperBowl each year, they could just award the championship trophy to the team with the highest ratings. Do you get my point? So there it is, I have thrown down the gauntlet by encouraging you to conduct your own comparisons of Harmonie 2003 to any of the greatest wines of the world from recent vintages. If you do it fairly I think you will see that in my eighth vintage, dedication, creativity, and experience all came together inside a 750 ml bottle. We have packaged it in top-of-the-line French glass with a beautiful commemorative black label in order to convey this belief. If you can afford the world's greatest wines with their current stratospheric prices, the fun of comparing this wine with them should be regarded exactly as that, fun. If you are going to take it personally, please do NOT buy this wine. Robert Parker (Issue 154): “Wisted’s finest achievement with this Bordeaux-blend appears to the 2003 Harmonie, a blend of 85% cabernet and 15% merlot. This riveting effort can stand up against the best Napa/Sonoma proprietary blends. In fact, it sets a new standard of excellence for what can be achieved in the South/Central Coast. A dense purple color is followed by a Medoc-like offering revealing notes of cedar, bay leaves, black currant liqueur, licorice, and new oak. Rich, layered, full-bodied yet elegant, precise, pure, exceptionally well-focused flavors inundate the palate. This beauty requires 3-5 years of cellaring, and should last two decades.” This is the highest score he has ever awarded a Cabernet Sauvignon or blend from the Central Coast. I anticipate the Harmonie 2003 will always be regarded as one of the all-time great Blackjack Ranch wines. But to be perfectly honest, the 2005 and 2006 are looking pretty good in barrel right now too. On a relative basis, this is one of the greatest values you will ever be offered. Special Case Price of $999

Maximus Syrah 2007
Bottle $48.00

Maximus Syrah 2007 A spectacular rendition of our "Killer Juice".

Maximus Syrah 2007 OUR "SIDEWAYS" WINE. Yes indeed, this is our featured wine in the film “Sideways”. In the continuity of the film, Jack and Miles taste Blackjack Ranch Maximus on “Monday” morning following breakfast in Solvang as their first stop of the day. The tasting begins 30 minutes 16 seconds into the movie. The tasting room host proclaims: “This is our Syrah.” Miles lifts his glass to his nose and exclaims “Oooh!” Jack inquires: “Yeah, you like it?” Miles enthusiastically and emphatically responds: “That’s a BIG one!!!” (Our “Sideways” stills of their tasting are located on the east and west walls of the Tasting Room) The Syrah Maximus exhibits a deep ruby/purple color in addition to subtle, but sweet aromas of barbecue smoke, blackberries, cassis, licorice, saddle leather, and earth. It is a powerful, layered, ripe wine with moderately high tannin as well as admirable purity and persistence. Give it another 12-18 months of bottle age, and enjoy it over the following decade.”

Allusion 2006 (Bordeaux-Blend)
Bottle $30.00

Allusion 2006 (Bordeaux-Blend) "Harmonie Junior"

Allusion 2006 (Bordeaux-Blend) A saturated purple color is followed by an extraordinary bouquet of espresso, black fruits, cocoa, dried Provencal herbs and vanilla, an explosive attack, admirable freshness, and impressive concentration. This is everything you would expect from a vintage with the reputation of the 2006 wines and it is well reflected is this offering. A blend of our Estate Suicide Hill Cabernet Franc, Billy Goat Hill Merlot and Wilkening Cabernet Sauvignon this is simply delicious and an extra special, extraordinary value.

Allusion 2008
Bottle $30.00

Allusion 2008 New Release

Allusion 2008 Bottled July 2010. What that tells you is this wine was generously aged in fine French oak for 22 months. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (49%), Syrah (33%), Merlot (14%), and Suicide Hill Cabernet Franc (4%). Soft and elegant already with a rainbow of assorted red and blue fruit accents. Drinking well now. A best buy !!

Pinot Noir 2010 "Alix de Vergy" Proprietor's Special Selection Reserve
Bottle $48.00

Pinot Noir 2010 "Alix de Vergy" Proprietor's Special Selection Reserve 

Pinot Noir 2010 Delicious balanced pinot among if not the best we've ever produced. Amazing purity with gorgeous fruit completely balanced by perfect acidity. An energetic bouquet jumps from the glass. Red currants, kirsch liqueur, with a silky texture. A dinner wine if there ever was one. We're happy to have this wine poured side by side with any pinot produced anywhere. Most recently putting on weight: delightful!!

Merlot Billy Goat Hill 2010
Bottle $45.00

Merlot Billy Goat Hill 2010 Estate Grown, Hand Cultivated

Merlot Billy Goat Hill 2010 Served at a Blackjack Ranch Dinner at Fleming's Newport Beach on 9/9/2014. THE STAR OF THE SHOW!! Black and beautiful. This is yet another fabulously rich version of our highly regarded Billy Goat Hill Merlot. Upon entering the Blackjack Ranch property the "wall" of vines that serves as a backdrop for the visual portion of our vineyards is Bill Goat Hill. This is Santa Barbara County's largest block of hand cultivated vines. This means no tractors, no sprayers, no plows, discs, chisels, or tillers. We do everything by hand. That means that these are the most "catered-to" vines around. The wine is deeply concentrated and shows why merlot is one of the most sought after varietals in the world, Sideways or upright.

Harmonie 2005 (Special Case Price $749)
Bottle $90.00

Harmonie 2005 (Special Case Price $749) A Black Label Blackjack Gem !!

Harmonie 2005 (Special Case Price $749) This is the wine I have been trying to make since I first broke ground here. I packaged it using the same special commemorative label I used for the 2003 Harmonie. It's at least that good although two years younger. Having built up my allocation of Taransaud barrels (following 7 years on the waiting list for the privilege of paying $1000 for barrels), my inventory for the 2005 vintage was 90 Taransauds and to me they are the ultimate cab barrel. The cab sauvignon for this wine (85 percent of the blend) was picked in 5 separate passes spanning two weeks. No cluster was taken unless I deemed it ready. For complexity and bouquet, the best of the best cab franc from our Suicide Hill was blended in and comprises 15 percent of this wine. The oak blows you away, the ripeness and pure fruit concentration are the result of ten years of experience as a grower and 40 years of vision as a wine lover. You can serve this to anybody, anywhere, anytime. Trust me. Special Case price $899